What’s In My Carry On Purse?

For years I struggled and stressed about packing when having to fly.  One of my worries being what to carry in my purse vs. luggage.  I never wanted to be “that person” to have to go into their luggage bag in the overhead compartment to get something.

Over time though, I learned worrying and stressing wouldn’t change anything, and would only make my packing experience more unpleasant.  Instead, I started to focus on nailing down a packing method through trial and error, making sure everything I needed with me in-flight was in my purse.

I wanted to share the main staples I always make sure to carry in my purse when flying (besides the obvious like wallet, chap-stick, sunglasses, etc).

⦁ Two pairs of regular headphones (one for my iPhone and one for the airplane jack to watch movies).  I have Apple Air-pods, but during the flight they do not work because they run off Bluetooth (which doesn’t work when you’re in airplane mode).  A few weeks ago I made the mistake of only packing my regular iPhone headphones and wound up having to buy a pair of shitty $2 airplane headphones because I really wanted to watch a movie (I’m still in trial and error mode I guess).

⦁ Scarf; it is either hot as balls or cold AF on planes these days, so I always wear layers and bring a scarf to wrap myself in, in case it is cold.

⦁ Clorox wipes; I am my mother’s daughter.  For real though, do you know how dirty airplanes are?  I always bring Clorox wipes in a little plastic bag and wipe down everything in my area upon boarding a flight.  One time the passenger next to me asked me if he could borrow one!  Now I always bring a few extra to share 😉

⦁ Snacks … no explanation here, I get HANGRY!

⦁ Blow up neck pillow.   My mother bought me one from amazon (Air Evolution) for Christmas this year and it is the BEST!  It hardly takes up any space in my purse and I love that I can inflate it to my liking.

⦁ Notebook and pen; I always think of “to-do” items when I’m flying, or ideas for my blog.  I always carry with me a notebook and pen so I can write everything that is in my head on paper (there is something about physically writing something down vs. putting it in the notebook on my phone that I love).

⦁ Reusable metal water bottle; you can bring a water bottle through TSA as long as it is empty and then fill after you go through security.  Most airports these days have filtered water stations by water fountains where you can specifically fill your bottle.  I find the metal ones (Swell is my fav), are the best since they do not perspire and then get the inside of your bag all wet.

⦁ Surface Pro; it is lighter than a traditional laptop, and I am able to remote in for my job as well as use it for blogging so it’s a win win!

⦁ A good book

Basically I make sure that I will be fully entertained, have snacks and water, and a few other essential items I find to be useful during the flight.  I also make sure to download a few podcasts in case I’m not in the mood for a movie but reading a book is too much effort.

I hope you find this helpful!  Leave comments below on what you always carry with you in flight!

7 thoughts on “What’s In My Carry On Purse?

  1. alayalinton says:

    Great list! I also like to bring lotion as I find the air on planes to be so drying. Great tip on the Clorox wipes. I’ll have to start bringing some!


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