My Love Affair with Stitch Fix


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me going through my monthly Stitch Fix box and polling everyone to get input on which items I should keep and which to send back.  I absolutely love Stitch Fix and wanted to give everyone a synopsis of what it is (for those who may not know) and how to make it work well for you.  There are some tricks and tips I’ve learned over the past year and a half that I believe have maximized my Stitch Fix experience.

What is it?  It is a subscription clothing box.  You start by creating an entire style profile, including your sizes, styles and colors you like/dislike, items you want to see or want your stylist to leave out and price ranges you’d like to stay within for each category (i.e. shirts, pants, accessories).  You pay $20 for each “fix” and you can schedule your fix to come monthly, or whenever you so choose (you have the ability to choose the date of when you want your next fix to arrive, so you’re able to push it back as far out as you’d like).   Each time you schedule a fix, you’re able to write a note to your stylist asking for certain items, colors, etc.

What’s in each box?  Each box contains 5 pieces and comes with a styling card to give you different outfit ideas for each piece.  If you keep any of the pieces, the $20 styling fee will be credited towards the items you decide to keep.  If you keep all 5 items, you will received 25% off your entire purchase (this is usually my justification for keeping everything LOL).  If you do not keep any of the items then you will loose out on the $20 styling fee.

My tips/tricks and experience: The first box I ever received was not my style at all.  I recall there being a very colorful kimono cardigan and denim vest, which let’s just say … are not pieces I would willing choose to wear.  I sent back most of the items and wrote detailed notes regarding each piece and why I didn’t like them back to my stylist.  This is very important!! Your stylist is going to be the same person each time; the more detailed feedback you can provide, the better your experience will be going forward.  You have the ability to write a note back for each item you are keeping or sending back; so the more in depth feedback you can provide, the better your stylist will get at pulling pieces for you.

It probably took 2-3 boxes until I felt Nancy (my stylist) knew exactly what my style was.  She has sent me what are now some of my favorite go-to pieces, and I am always getting compliments on my Stitch Fix items.  The quality of the clothing is amazing and the pieces are very unique that you’ll usually never run into any one wearing the same piece of clothing.

I can’t stress enough how important it is so give feedback!  This is the main reason why I am continually getting amazing boxes that fit my style.  Your stylist is not a mind reader,  if something doesn’t fit right, or is a color/fabric you despise, you have to make sure you tell them that and be specific!  Tell them what it is about the fit that you do not like, or shades of certain colors you’d rather not see.  For example, I had told Nancy I want jeans that are high waisted and have some stretch to them, that I do not like jean material that have no give.  She sent me a pair of jeans that are to-date, my favorite pair of jeans, and will continue going forward to only send me jeans that have some stretch to them.

Every month I get so excited for my Stitch Fix box to arrive. I truly believe you can have the same amazing experience I have, if you’re willing to put in the time to give the feedback that’s needed.  Above are two of my favorite Stitch Fix dresses and a favorite jacket I’ve received over the past year 🙂

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