Cozy Valentine’s Day



After a few years of dealing with crowded restaurants and over priced prix fixe menu’s, my husband (then boyfriend) and I decided 6 years ago to forgo the expensive dinner for a cozy night in.   Each year we cook dinner together while enjoying some wine or champagne usually followed by desert and a movie.  Staying in also means we don’t have to leave our beloved pup, so it’s a win win.

We usually opt for one of the following Valentine’s Day dinners – surf and turf or make our own sushi!  Making our own sushi is definitely my favorite because we usually screw it up pretty bad, but we always have the most fun doing it.

For those of you who are opting to stay in this Valentine’s Day and like to cook,  I would definitely recommend making a nice dinner together and enjoying each others company in the kitchen.  Or if not, let someone else do the hard work and order in!  Light some candles, dim the lights and enjoy the peacefulness of being home.

Some other fun suggestions would be making chocolate covered strawberries together, playing a two person game like cards, dice or connect-four (I know connect-four sounds silly, but I swear we always have a good laugh while playing – or maybe that’s just because my husband always beats me and then pokes fun at me), doing a puzzle together, or watching a T.V. series or movie.   Either way, whether you choose to go out or stay in, enjoy and be grateful for the company of your S.O. And if you’re single, relax and treat-yo-self to something nice (aka. an online shopping spree while sipping on a glass of Rose`).

Featured in these pictures are the BEST cookies I’ve ever had (not sponsored, I’m just that obsessed), my dad sends me Cheryl’s cookies every year for Valentine’s Day … he know’s the key to my heart is with food 🙂  My shirt is from HM and my leggings are LulaRoe.


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