Rum Raisin On The Brain

wool jacket

I’ve been on the hunt for a fancy coat I can wear for a night out or to work meetings when it’s cold and my puffy winter jacket won’t do.  I have a very hard time wearing wool, as it makes me want to endlessly claw at my skin (does anyone else feel this way?).  All of the fancy coats I’ve stumbled upon have been made up of a majority of wool with no liner – however when I laid my eyes on this one (and the major discounted price tag), I figured I could live with a little itching.

This coat is fully lined and to my surprise does not bother me as much as I anticipated it would.   It is a beautiful rum raisin color, has buttons along the front, as well as a self tied belt and is super long (I am 5’2 for reference, so it’s extra long on me).  For any of you ladies who might have a wool sensitivity, this coat definitely does not bother me as much as others have in the past (due to its lining) .. and it’s gorgeous 🙂

This coat is from Kenneth Cole and is currently ON SALE at Macy’s, with an extra additional Valentine’s Day savings!  This coat also comes in black and gray 🙂


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